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Daughters of Dea #2 -- A Service of Praise
November 10, 2011
Welcome to the second issue of Daughters of Dea

Your Bible has Arrived

Welcome to the second issue of Daughters of Dea. We are happy to announce that the Bible for all devotees of Our Mother God is now available.

The Gospel of Our Mother God contains the fundamental texts of the faith of the Children of Dea. Some of these are of relatively recent composition (within the last half-century) although reflecting the most ancient tradition. Others are texts translated from ancient languages.

This is the first time this Gospel has appeared in book form, and the first time it has all been collected together in any one place. For those wishing to worship Our Mother God, not as a "pagan goddess" but as the One True Deity and Creatrix of the Universe, this is your Bible.

Learn more about The Gospel of Our Mother God

In this issue we also present the Order of Service for the Filianic Rite. This is a simple non-sacramental devotional Service of praise and worship. Services of this nature are held regularly online for a growing congregation. If you would like to attend such a service do contact us.

Passages marked "C:" are read by whoever is celebrating the Rite. Passages marked "C/H" are read by the Handmaiden if one is present or the Celebrant if not.

Devotional Rite According to the Way of the Filyani


C/H: Let us seek sanctuary of the elemental spirits of the fourfold earth that no harmful thing shall come between ourselves and our devotion

C: Guardian Daughters of all natural things In the most sacred Name of She that we are come to honour:


In the Name of the Mother And of the Daughter And of Absolute Deity Dark beyond the light And Light beyond the darkness We intreat you that your vigilance shall keep our service pure

[addressing the four quarters]

O daughters of the East, protect us O daughters of the South, protect us O daughters of the West, protect us O daughters of the North, protect us.


Raya, Dea, Star of the shimmering depths, Look on us.

We take refuge in Thee, O Raya.

Hail to thee Dea, Who Art the Barque of Swift Crossing.

O Dea Thou hast stated that none shall call upon Thee and be lost.

Hearken now as we call upon Thee.


C/H: Let us confess together our belief in that which alone is true

All: I believe that I am created from before the dawn of time by the one eternal Dea.

I believe that Dea is One and there is none beside Her, And I believe that She is also Three.

I believe in the Mother, Who is pure Light. the Creatrix of the earth and of the heavens and of all the illimitable cosmos.

And I believe in Her virgin Daughter, born of the virgin Mother, the ruler of all the energies of creation, Whose nature is perfect Love.

And I believe in She that stands beyond these Two, Whose Name has not been spoken on this earth; For She is the Beginning and the End, the First Principle and the Final Cause. the unoriginated Origin of being.

I believe that I was made a perfect creature: and at the dawn of time my soul did turn from the Perfection of existence in the infirmity of her sovereign will: And through this fault do I suffer the limitation of imperfect being.

I believe that the Daughter of Eternity gave herself to be cast down into darkness and death. I believe that She rose from death triumphant. And reigns as Queen of Heaven.

I believe that through Her death the fault of my soul shall perish, And I believe through Her triumphant life My soul shall rise renewed in her perfection that she may return to eternal communion with the one eternal Dea.

C/H: Great Dove of the waters that have brought forth the world from the matrix of Your being

C: Dove of the sacrifice that are crushed beneath the heel of death that You may come as our Saviour

All: We thank You We bless You We adore You.

C/H: Gentle Mother Who have given forth Your Daughter with tears into the hands of darkness

All: Accept the tears of our love and our contrition.


C/H: Let us who are true believers receive into our hearts the words of our Lady.

[Here follows the text from Scripture or Sacred Tradition. These will normally be taken from The Gospel of Our Mother God]

Canticle of the Daughter

All: Our Lady is exalted among the daughters of Heaven. Radiant Princess, Star of the Sea, Robed in celestial light.

She abases the cruel and proud And hearkens to the plea of the lowly. The foe who denies Her Godhead she overthrows But blessed is the humblest of Her servants. She delivers the captive into Her care And takes the hand of the fallen. Firm-fixd is the destiny Of the monarch who honours Her name.

May the whole world praise Thee, compassionate Princess; May Thy glory be told of in all the earth. Let them exalt Thy dominion And Thy valiant courage And glorify Thy holy Name.

Have mercy on Thy servant who gives Thee blessing And take her hand in need and suffering. In illness and distress, give her the gift of life. May she go forever in joy and delight To magnify Thy holy Name Before all the peoples of the world.


[The Celbrant delivers a teaching based on the sacred text]


C: Beloved Raya, we pray that Thou wilt bless us on our parting from Thy temple.

C/H: Send us forth in the protection of Thy Spirit that no profane thing may enter into us.

Let us remember, as we tread the world, that all is illusion that is not Thee.

C: Through Thy power of nescience doth the world appear, like to a rope appearing as a serpent or as a garland of flowers.

Through Thy power of Knowledge Thou dissolvest the world back into Thine own Self.

Glory unto Thee, great Empress of the Universe.

C/H: O Mother! Thou art the colour of fire; blazing like the Sun with the Light of Wisdom.

As pure consciousness Thou shinest everywhere, and art worshipped for the fruits of action.

C: O Radiance spotless and effulgent! O night-dispelling Sun of Wisdom! O Vanquisher of storm and flame! Thy glory fills the world!


May the blessing of the Mother be upon you May the blessing of the Daughter be upon you May the blessing be upon you of Absolute Deity Dark beyond the light and Light beyond the darkness.

Thus may it remain.

May Our Lady bless you and walk with you wherever you may go.

And do remember to learn more about your Bible: The Gospel of Our Mother God.

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