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The many arms of our Mother God

This is an online sanctuary dedicated to the love and service of our Mother God.

Our aim is to spread both knowledge and devotion about the oldest form of religion known to humanity—the worship of Deity in Her original form: our first spiritual refuge; our surest sanctuary throughout the ages; our point of origin: our Mother God.

We shall be presenting pages about the various goddesses of history: but this has nothing to do with what some patriarchal religions call "polytheism". There is only one Absolute, only one Creatrix: only one Celestial Mother. And yet, through the Ages, She has been known by many Names.

These many names are not simply the accidents of different languages, but the expression of the Multiplicity-in-Unity of She Who is the Source of all things, the Divine Mother of the universe. Thus the Hindus recite the thousand names of the goddess Lalita or the 108 names of Sri Mahalakshmi; the Chinese speak of Quan Yin as "the Lady of ten thousand names" and the goddess Isis said to Apuleius in the second century AD:

I am she that is the natural Mother of all creation, the Mistress and Governess of all the Elements, the initial Progenitrix of all things... my name, my divinity, is adored throughout all the world in various manners, by various customs and under many names...

There is one Mother God, for She is the Absolute, and there can no more be two Absolutes than a circle can have two centres. And yet She has many Names and many faces, representing Her infinite fecundity and the multiplicity of her Divine Powers and Graces.

Her different Names and Forms also correspond to the different characters of the souls She has created. Each of us will respond to a particular aspect of our dear Mother. If we are of an intellectual turn of mind, we may turn to Her as the goddess Athene, Metis or Saraswati. If we our hearts burn with love, divine and human, and the appreciation of Deity through the Divine Beauty, we may turn to the goddess Aphrodite or Sri Lakshmi.

In these Goddess Names and Forms, we shall see not merely historical cults long dead, nor merely aspects of our own psychology, but aspects of the Grace and Love of our Mother God.

Please play the kinemas below for an introduction to Her faith.

Eastern images of our Celestial Mother often have many arms, and the arms of a mother are made to embrace her children.

Whichever of Her faces, whichever of Her Names, whichever of Her loving arms we turn to, they are there for our comfort, our succour and our salvation.

We welcome you to this Chapel and hope that we can play some small part in lighting your path back home to our Mother God.

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The Many Loving Arms of our Mother God

Please select from the list below to learn of the many beautiful Names and Ways by which Dea presents Herself to us:

A Weblog for Our Mother God

Come here for all the latest news for devotees of Our Mother God.

The Gospel of our Mother God

The Gospel of Our Mother God is the Bible of feminine religion

What is Filianism?

A complete introduction to Filianism: the religion of God the Mother - and Daughter.

The Ancient Wisdom in its Original Feminine Form

The Ancient Wisdom, or Primordial Philosophy, of humanity is set out for the first time in a concise and systematic treatise that covers all its fundamental aspects.

God as Mother: Questions and answers on the worship of Supreme Feminine Deity

The worship of God as Mother, the sole Creatrix and Supreme Deity: We answer your questions on Feminine Monotheism


Metaphysics - i.e. that which lies beyond the domain of the physical, and therefore of the scientific world-view - is crucial to a full understanding of the faith of Our Mother God

Pagan Religion: Was it spiritually superior?

Pagan Religion: was it spiritually superior to the later religions?

The Catechism of our Mother God

The catechism for all believers in God the Mother and Her Divine Daughter outlining the fundamental tenets of our Faith.

The Wheel of the Year in Feminine Religion

The Wheel of the Year is fundamental to devotees of Our Mother God. The cycles of nature on earth represent both the primal Sacred Drama and a map of the metaphysical cosmos.

Feminine Spiritual Inspiration Video Clips

A selection of spiritual inspiration video clips,spiritual videos for devotees of Our Mother God

Shrines to Our Mother God: Virtual and real life model Shrines

As a devotional model Shrines are a beautiful centre for the worship of Our Mother God, whether in the home or virtual. We provide lovely Virtual Shrines and ideas for Home Shrines

Roman Goddess Venus: Universal Divine Love

The Roman Goddess Venus has often been seen as a mere sex-symbol in patriarchal times. Actually she epitomises both the Divine Love and the Creative Nature of our Mother God

Greek Goddess Demeter: A Journey to the Depths of the Mother-Religion

The Greek Goddess Demeter takes us to the roots of the ancient religion of our Mother God; we strip away the patriarchal overlay to find the Truth

Hestia the Greek Goddess: Mistress of Hearth and Home

Hestia the Greek Goddess of Hearth and home embodies a fundamentally important concept that lies close to the heart of feminine spirituality

The Blessed Virgin Mary: Her Divinity

God the Mother, Creatrix of the Earth and of the Heavens was rejected by Judaeo-Christian theology, but she returned as the Blessed Virgin Mary

How to Pray the Rosary: A guide for devotees of Our Mother God

This is a guide on how to pray the Rosary - in the manner of the Catholic Rosary - for Goddess worshippers and devotees of Our Mother God

Lalita: Our Sweet, Playful Mother

Of all the Names of Our Mother God, Lalita perhaps comes closest to Her original Form

Amaterasu: The Universal Sun Goddess

Japanese Amaterasu is perhaps the most important modern example of the ancient and universal Sun Goddess

Durga: God the Mother as our Noble Protectress

Durga: how the warlike Face of Our Mother God brought Her worship as Supreme Deity back into the patriarchal world.

The Goddess Tara: The most ancient living worship of God the Mother

The Goddess Tara is one of the most ancient and fundamental Names and Forms of Dea. Her famous Tibetan manifestation is only part of the story.

Quan Yin

The cultus of Quan Yin, the Regarder of the Cries of the World, is the greatest surviving version of the worship of the Resurrected Saviour in Her original feminine form

Mythology and Folklore: Fairy Tales from Eternity

Are mythology and folklore two opposed concepts, or does folklore preserve some of the most ancient feminine strata of true Mythos?

The Triple Goddess: The Original Holy Trinity

Is there a feminine Holy Trinity going back to ancient times? We look at the thealogy of the Triple Goddess and feminine trinitarianism.

Matriarchy: The Myth of the Myth of Matriarchy

We often hear that modern scholarship has discredited the myth of ancient matriarchy. Has it really? Or is the modern patriarchy rallying to defend its ancient myths?

The Philosophy Cosmetic, or the Metaphysics of Beauty

What is the Philosophy Cosmetic? Is there a metaphysical or spiritual meaning to makeup and feminine beautification?

Pagan Goddess Worship

Is the worship of the pagan Goddess viable today? If not, what is the worship of Our Mother God?

Kali Yuga: The Patriarchal Dark Age

What is Kali Yuga? World traditions agree that time is cyclical and we are now in the last and darkest age. What does Kali Yuga really mean?

Pandora's Box: A Miscellany for Our Mother God

Pandora's box in patriarchal mythology was the container of all evils, but originally Pan-dora was the all-giving maya. Our Pandora's box is a miscellany of good things.

The Labrys and the Heart

The Labrys has been used by various "goddess" groups, but what is its real meaning?

St Cecilia: Music and Justice, Blindness and Vision

St Cecilia is the Patron Saint of both music and blindness. What does this mean to a devotee of Our Mother God?

Hail Mary Full of Grace: The Hail Mary prayer

Hail Mary full of grace - the opening of the Hail Mary Prayer is a definitive invocation of the feminine Divine.

A Goddess Correspondence

A correspondence with a goddess person. What makes goddessism tick? And why worshippers of Our Mother God don't use the g word.

A Sermon in Outer Space

What effect does outer space have on our spiritual outlook? We present a fictional analysis of a very real spiritual question.

Lessons of Gobekli Tepe, the earliest known temple on earth

The discovery at Gobekli Tepe of a temple "older than civilization" raises important questions about the current patriarchal historical timeline.

What's Wrong With Wicca?

As worshippers of the Supreme Mother god, what do we find so wrong about Wicca?

What Is Polytheism?

What is polytheism? Lady Aquila explains that it is a propaganda-word designed to confuse and prejudice the complex issue the Multiplicity and the Oneness of the Divine.

Angel and Titan, Mary and God

Mary and God. Many devotees see statues of Mary as statues of Our Mother God. Christians see her as a human woman who lived in the first century. Are we even talking about the same Mary?

The Day of Sai Herthe

The Day of Sai Herthe falls on the Western New Year's Eve. It is the great feast of the hearthfire and the home.

Luciad: The Feast of Lights

The Feast of Lights, or Luciad, is the beginning of the Easter Cycle in the religion of God the Mother.

Flight of the Silver Vixen Review

The Flight of the Silver Vixen may look like a work of feminist science fiction, but it is much more. It is a novel that has an authentic background of devotion to Our Mother God and the Golden Order.

All About Easter: The Dawn of the World

Easter/Eastre is one of the oldest names of God the Mother. It is also the Great Spring Festival that begins and ends the Wheel of the Year. Learn all about it.

George Lakoff, Metaphor and Metaphysics

George Lakoff and his research on the universality of metaphor shines an interesting (and unintended) light on the fundamental metaphysical basis of human thought and speech.

Answering Dr. Karl W Gilberson: Would Jesus really believe in evolution?

An article by Karl W Gilberson suggests that Jesus would believe in evolution because Jesus is truth and so is evolution. Can we spot the fallacy here?

Maia: The Goddess, the Month and the World-illusion

Maia is the second month of the year, the "goddess" of spring and the illusion of worldly existence.

Mommy and I Are One

"Mommy and I are one" is said to express the fundamental desire of the human heart. But is it a regression to childhood, or the innate presence of the first Faith - the worship of Our Mother God?

Is Filianism a Real Religion?

A reader quotes a recent blogger on the view that the worship of Our Mother God "does not feel like a real religion". We examine this question.

The Day of Werde

The Day of Werde is the day when we contemplate our personal fate and the direction of our lives.

Tamala: The Feast of the Dead

The Feast of the Dead is one of the Great Festivals in the Calendar of Our Mother God. A feast of fear and separation? Or of love and return?

Anima Mundi and the Human Psyche

What do we mean by the Anima Mundi and what relation does it bear to the human psyche?

Easter Hymn for Devotees of Our Mother God

An Easter Hymn for Passiontide, expressing the wasteland quality of the time between the Daughter's death and the New Year with a discussion of the nature of our feminine Easter.

The Day of Maia

The Day of Maia is a minor festival dedicated to the all-creative principle of nature.

Chelanya: The Golden Festival

Chelanya begins the Mysteries of Life Cycle and is the first great harvest festival of Our Mother God.

The Authority of Feminine Scripture

Is the Gospel of Our Mother God the true word of God Herself?

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