Shrines to Dea
As a devotional model shrines are perfect,
both virtual and real-life

A model shrine to Kuan Yin

This is the Shrine Page. We hope to provide Model Shrines for all forms of worship, Virtual Shrines for online devotion, and suggestions for making and improving your own Home Shrine.

We have often made the point that our present worship of Our Mother God lacks a living tradition. She has graciously made Her Images available to us in canonical and efficacious forms suited to the devotion of our Age.

Yet, in the very nature of a patriarchal age, there are no non-patriarchal traditions. For those of us who have the heart-need for the pure worship of Our Mother God in a Feminine Congregation or in our own feminine households, sacramental and ceremonial worship are not available to us (though we may, of course, use simple rites of devotion). We have no temples or churches wherein to honour Our Mother God.

Fortunately we have available to us a very ancient devotional model – shrines. These are known throughout the world, whether as wayside shrines or as household altars.

The domestic altar is really the model shrine for feminine worship, for it is based in the household or hestia which is the sacred centre of feminine life. Hindu homes still centre on the domestic shrine, and in this they are following a tradition that goes back to the earliest times, as is natural in the case of the one world religion that has no historical Founder, but comes down to us (with patriarchal adaptations, of course) in an unbroken chain.

Indeed, with most modern households lacking a true hearth, which is the metaphysical heart of the home, (the word focus originally means "hearth"), the domestic shrine to Our Mother God may take its place as the heart and focus of the Déanic hestia.

A model shrine to Our Lady Mary

This page will function as a hub-page for Deanic Shrines. We intend to provide pages giving ideas for creating home shrines, sources for statues, incense and other necessities, photographs of model shrines (we hope someday to include yours) submitted by our friends and dear readers.

We also mean to provide Virtual Shrines: online places of worship where you may go to rest and adore our dear Mother God in Her various holy Forms.

These are important for those who have not yet a shrine of their own; for those who may be travelling and away from the Domestic Altar, and also for all of us who love the traditional sacred pursuit of visiting different shrines. While we may adore wayside shrines to Our Lady Mary that some of us may find, or lovely model shrines to Kuan Yin in the East, it is not easy to find shrines fully dedicated to Our Mother God.

We hope to provide access to some virtual places of worship.

Here is the first of them. It is a shrine showing the unity of Indian Devi, in Her form as Mahalakshmi, and Our Lady Mary. Virtual candles burn beside the ever-changing, but always constant, image while we hear the chant of a lovely hymn to Mahalakshmi. It is a virtual place of contemplation and adoration.

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