An Angel Christmas Tree
or a Fairy Nativity Fir?

An Angel Christmas TreeAn Angel Christmas Tree shows the Janya of Nativity – or the lovely Star Fairy of the North

An Angel Christmas tree is one of the fondest memories of many a childhood.

But who is the figure that stands atop the Tree? Is she a fairy or an angel, and what does she mean to the devotee of Our Mother God?

A Filianist can indeed see her as the Angel (Janya) of Nativity as described in the words:

But before the cave stood a Janya of Dea, robed in a garment so white that the eyes of earth's children were dazzled, and with a countenance of such great beauty that it was a fearful thing to look upon it.

Yet the pretty Tree-doll seems a very distant echo of this awe-inspiring Angel.

To Déanists, the lovely tree-topper is usually regarded as the Star Fairy who plays a role somewhat similar to that of Santa Claus for Herthelani.

The Star Fairy is said to be the Princess of the Nymphae, or Air-Elementals. She drives a silver chariot pulled by seven white horses and delivers gifts to all good children (and are we not all children of Our Lady?)

Naturally she comes down the chimney – for the metaphysical significance of coming down the chimney is explained toward the end of our article on the Gates of Heaven. It is the light of the Spirit entering the world (in microcosm, the house) through its "Northern Gate".

So when we see our Fairy Nativity Fir, or the Angel Christmas Tree of our non-Déanic friends, our minds turn immediately to the lovely Star Fairy.

How excited we get may depend upon how old our hearts are!

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