Daughters of Dea

The Daughters of God the Mother
now have their own electronic magazine

Daughters of Dea is the online magazine for all daughters of God the Mother.

The Elektrazine (as the girls like to call it) is another step in the missionary outreach of the Chapel of Our Mother God.

In pursuance of our policy of making knowledge and love of Our Mother God freely available to everyone, Daughters of Dea will be absolutely free.

Its aim is to concentrate particularly on seasonal themes for the Great Festivals of the Déanic year, not only with information about the nature of the festivals and online Services, but also with seasonally-based stories, articles, quotations and devotional pieces.

We shall also be telling you what's new at the Chapel and announcing what's coming next.

We hope this publication will become yet another strand binding together the little community of the daughters of God the Mother; the devotees of the world's most ancient Faith in an age that has forgotten it.

We hope you will take a moment to sign up for Daughters of Dea. We are truly delighted by each new addition to the ever-growing list - and to show just how delighted we are, we are giving all subscribers a free chapter of The Feminine Universe unavailable anywhere online.

This chapter, "The Cycles of Time", explains about the true, cyclical nature of time, as opposed to the recent patriarchal linear concept, and tells why we are in the current age and where we are going in the light of traditional feminine metaphysical science. In keeping the book as a whole, this is the clearest and fullest exposition of this important subject ever published anywhere.

If you love Our Mother God and Her Chapel, please show your love by taking a few seconds to sign up (it is very simple - no bureaucracy here!) and allow us to show our love for you by sending you Daughters of Dea

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Our first issue will be the Feast of the Dead issue, and will contain a special story for the month of Werde and other material relating to the late-autumn season and its High Festival.

For all true Daughters of God the Mother, Daughters of Dea is essential reading.

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