Esca Makeup
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Esca makeup - wizardry or wishful thinking? Our mineral makeup review will help you decide

Makeup reviews are not normally part of our mission, but a question on Esca makeup led to this reply.

Honoured Miss Linden writes:

I was fascinated and delighted by your piece on Cosmetic Philosophy. The question I want to ask may not be appropriate for this site. I have heard about Esca Makeup and I wanted to know if it is better for followers of Mother God because it is more natural.

Also, I have problem skin – can it really help?

This is a little out of our normal line, but since we are covering cosmetics and as a matter of fact a few of our friends have tried Esca, let us tell you what we know.

Esca makeup is a loose mineral cosmetic. It is not the first of its kind, so its claim to be a "new miracle" is a little exaggerated.

On the other hand, it is not unreasonably priced (loose mineral cosmetics are relatively expensive to make and therefore relatively expensive to buy).

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Of its kind it seems good. Only a small amount is needed (in fact it is important to use small amounts in order to avoid a clogging or "dirty" effect) so it actually does not work out as expensive as it seems.

The coverage, for a loose powder, is excellent and its ability to make problem and/or ageing skin appear more perfect is remarkable.

One of our sisters has highly sensitive, allergic skin and she finds it hard to wear ordinary makeup, but mineral makeup, including Esca, works well for her and looks beautiful.

As with all cosmetics, each will suit some individuals more than others. We would recommend trying a loose mineral makeup in a store to get an idea whether they suit you.

But if, after your private mineral makeup review, you decide that they do suit you, you may well find the effect to be little short of the claimed "miracle", especially in the case of problem skin.

Is the fact that mineral cosmetics are more "natural" a spiritual advantage? The question of "naturalness" in cosmetics is one that we shall discuss more fully elsewhere – but, as we saw in a recent news item in the Chapel Chronicle, sophisticated chemical processes for synthesizing makeup can be traced back over 4,000 years, and have been used in fully spiritual contexts.

The use of reflected light to perfect the appearance of the skin is something we treasure symbolically. All beauty comes from the one Divine Beauty, the Supernal Sun Who is Our Mother, thus, by borrowing the sacred light of Her reflection, the physical sun, we are perfecting ourselves with Her perfection.

The reflected-light technique, however, is not unique to mineral cosmetics (though they do employ it particularly well). So the real question is whether mineral cosmetics are right for your skin and for your particular style of feminine loveliness.

Anything that can perfect your God-given loveliness (provided, of course, it is not harmful) is a good thing and mineral cosmetics are an important addition to the materia cosmetica.

Is Esca makeup better than other good brands of loose mineral makeup? Not really. The question is whether mineral makeup suits you. If it does, shop around, but you may well find Esca makeup worth considering.

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