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The Chapel of Our Mother God has grown into the most extensive single resource on the internet for the worship of God as Supreme Mother and Creatrix.

Many subjects have been discussed from this pure Déanic point of view and more are being added all the time. While we do our best to make the site as navigable as possible, it is difficult to structure such a wealth of material and inevitably there may be important articles you will never find.

To solve this problem, we have made a full site-map that is regularly updated. From here you can browse everything on the site and find the many treasures that are hidden away in remote corners of this Chapel.

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As you will have seen, we have a search box on almost every page for those who are looking for information on particular topics.

We here include a more specialized tool that has an Advanced Search function for those who may need it, as well as a complete index of every word used on the site:

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Gospel of Our Mother God

The Gospel of Our Mother God is a collection of inspirational texts, prayers and daily inspiration for the Mother-Faith devotee or household.

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The Feminine Universe

The Other Philosophy

Everything you have ever heard comes out of the patriarchal world-view. Its materialism, its religion, even its feminism. Here is the other way of seeing the world; the natural way: the way that everyone saw things before patriarchy and will again when patriarchy is long forgotten.

The Feminine Universe