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Female worshippers of the Mother God at an ancient temple
Q. Déanic religion seems to be a feminine spirituality or women's spirituality. Is this correct?

A. This site is here to serve everyone who loves Our Dear Mother. Everyone is welcome to come here; everyone is welcome to make use of the site and share our love for Her.

The site is not an organised religion or a congregation: so really the question does not immediately arise. But of course, the more people that love Our Mother, the happier we are.

Q. But when there are on-line – or off-line – Déanic or Filianic Services, these are for women only.

A. Yes, that is correct. Our particular worship has always been a feminine spirituality in that sense.

Q. Why is that? Are there historical reasons for it?

A. There are historical precedents certainly. When the ancient Hebrews worshipped the Queen of Heaven, as reported in our page on the Blessed Virgin Mary:

We will do everything we said we would do. We will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and pour out wine offerings to Her.

Jeremiah 44:17

It is made clear in verse 15 that this worship was practiced only by the women. It was a women's spirituality or women's religion.

Examples of a specifically "women's religion" within some ancient societies are well known, just as some religious devotions have been male preserves.

Feminine Spirituality: Vestal Virgins tending the Flame

The Roman Goddess Vesta (see Hestia) was served by an exclusively female community of devotees.

However, historical precedents are not our main reason for preferring a fully feminine spirituality. We believe that a feminine congregation devoted to Our Mother God is a powerful and beautiful thing. That is our chosen way.

Such a wholly feminine Spiritual sanctuary is deeply needed by some women in this patriarchal age. It is not for everyone, but for those who need it, it is very important.

Q. But do you rule out others who would have a mixed congregation?

A. Of course not.

We would point out some problems. In Asia, even the most sincerely Goddess-worshipping communities are deeply patriarchal. That is the state of the culture in this Age. In Western societies there is a tendency, if power is not placed firmly in feminine hands, for a feminine devotion to become very patriarchal and to end up as a power-game for male egos.

On the other hand, a "goddess religion" in which the ministry and other power is in female hands tends to attract male "sexual submissives", concealed or not. There is an on-line cult that uses the imagery of the professional dominatrix alongside genuine devotional images. This group even borrows bits of Filianic Scripture and tradition.

A group would not have to go that far in order to attract some highly dubious elements.

No doubt such problems could be overcome, and we wish any genuine mixed group of devotees that may arise very well in overcoming them.

For our part, we choose to remain as a purely feminine spirituality.

Q. Déanic religion has a history of being closely involved with Aristasia and its all-female subculture. Is that correct?

A. Not all Déanists have been Aristasians, but Déanic religion obviously appeals to Aristasians, who choose to create an all-feminine culture here on earth. Many of them are deeply spiritual and devotional, and naturally they need a feminine spirituality that allows them to worship, not only in an all-female congregation, but with a purely feminine Deity and Angelology.

This need is by no means exclusive to Aristasians and there are other women who need this kind of feminine spirituality.

Q. So the Feminine Congregation is here to stay?

A. Certainly it is. We wish, with this site, to love and serve all devotees of Our Mother God. If pure devotees seek to establish mixed worship for themselves, we shall wish them every possible success.

But the Feminine Congregation of Dea will always be very important to us. Our personal spirituality is inherently a feminine spirituality.

For us and for many women, past, present and future, that will always be so.

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