Feminine Wisdom Meta-Search
A meta-search of feminine wisdom resources

While there are links enabling a search of this site on some of our other pages, this Feminine Wisdom Meta-Search gives you the ability to interrogate three very extensive sources of Feminine Wisdom to get results on a wide variety of topics.

If you find yourself wondering about words like "Janyati" or concepts like "Vikhelic", wanting to know more about the Déanic point of view on Creation, Science, the Theory of Relativity, femininity, traditional children's games, fairies, or a thousand other things, here is the place to start searching.

It is like Google for Déanists. In fact, it is Google for Déanists.

It will also return results on many other subjects, from serious to trivial, from an all-feminine standpoint.


This powerful search Tool can be used for four types of search:

1. It can search the Web as a whole. This is only a little different from a regular Google search. You will find the search slightly tailored to feminine and spiritual interests. However, this is probably the least useful aspect of the tool.

The advantage of the other searches is that they will give high-yield results on the subjects covered in this site and many, many related issues not covered here, all from a feminine or Déanist perspective.

2. It can search this site (mother-god.com). This is the default search.

3. It can search the current Chelouranya site, including the Encyclopaedia Chelouranya. This is an online encyclopaedia with extensive articles on many subjects from a Déanic and feminine point of view.

4. It can search the Aristasia Treasure Trove, a collection of articles and discussions, some recent and some going back decades, many relevant and highly illuminating to the topics discussed on this site.

This Chapel does not necessarily endorse everything you will find in these tailored searches, but they are guaranteed to give you a fund of feminine wisdom that it would be difficult to find in any other way.

We hope you will find these search tools useful. Used wisely they are a veritable gold mine of feminine wisdom!

And don't forget to check the Chapel Chronicle regularly for all the latest news, information and additions to the site.

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