Great Compassion Mantra
Miraculous chant given to the world by
Kuan Yin

Compassionate Kuan YinKuan Yin, giver of the Great Compassion Mantra

The Great Compassion Mantra is a miraculous chant given to the world by Kuan Yin, the Regarder of the Cries of the World.

This Mantra has many miraculous attributes. The Dharani Sutra teaches that humans who recite and hold the phrases of the this powerful and lovely Mantra will be spared the fifteen bad kinds of death; that they will be born in the Paradise of the Daughter and that human births after this Paradise will be auspicious ones conducive to progress toward final Enlightenment.

In accordance with the kindness of Our Mother God, by which, as we are told in the Great Hymn to Mahalakshmi and in other traditions, She grants "both worldly enjoyment and liberation", the Great Compassion Mantra grants many worldly benefits. Its practitioners are assured, among other things, that:

Their families will always be kind and harmonious

Dragons, Angels and good spirits will always protect them

They will always meet good friends

They will obtain everything they seek.

"Those who recite and hold the Great Compassion Mantra will obtain the fifteen kinds of good birth. All gods and people should constantly recite and hold it, without carelessness."

The Great Compassion Mantra is, in fact, rather complex for a Western person to recite and, Chinese being a sacred language, the value of translations is doubtful. For our own practice we may be better advised to use a simpler mantra such as Om Mani Padme Hum.

However, since hearing the Great Compassion Mantra in itself confers blessings, we are presenting this video of the Great Compassion Mantra sung by Ani Choying Drolma in Tibetan.

For those who wish to hear this wonderful mantra, perhaps putting it on an iPod or other portable music player in order to hear the Great Compassion Mantra as they travel or go about their worldly business, we include a different version of the Mantra in MP3 format which you may right click (ctrl-click for Macintosh) to load down.

If you have any problems, please contact us and we shall be glad to help.

Here is another version of the Great Compassion Mantra in MP3 format. Click to hear it, or right-click (ctrl-click for Macintosh) to load it down for personal use.

We include for your interest a traditional ritual using the Great Compassion Mantra at your home shrine. Please do not worry if this is a little complex for you. Simply chanting Om Mani Padme Hum is a perfect devotion to Our Lady Kuan Yin.

Traditional Great Compassion Mantra ritual for use at a home shrine

Instructions on how to practice the Great Compassion Mantra (Da Bei Zhow) of Kwan Yin

1. Light incense and place beside shrine;

2. Prostrate 3 times to Kwan Yin;

3. Offer one (or more) glass(es) of water which Kwan Yin will bless;

4. Invite Kwan Yin to come to you and appear;

5. Bring the palms of your hands together in the prayer-mudra;

6. Invite all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to come and be present.

7. Recite the following chant:

Lu Shian dza zo, Fa Je Mung Shin, Dzu Fo Haj Whey Shi Yao Wen, Swey Tsu Dje Shang Yun, Tsong Yi Fong Yin, Dzu Fo Shien Chuan Song. Na Mo Shian Yun Gai Pu Sa Mo Ko Sa. (3 times)

8. Recite the following lines to purify your speech and apologize for the pronunciation errors made by you during this practice:

An Sho Li Sho Lie, Mo Ho Sho Li, Sho Sho Li, Sa Po Ho (So Ha).

9. Recite the Kwan Yin Great Compassion Mantra 3, 5, 7, 21, 49 or 108 times.

10. Recite the short mantra 10 times:

Na Mo Kwan Yin Boddhisattva.

11. Finally, drink the water blessed by Kwan Yin. This water now has healing powers.

12. Dedicate this practice of the Kwan Yin Great compassion Mantra to the benefit and enlightenment of all beings.

Transliterated Words of Great Compassion Mantra

1. na mo ho la da nu do la ye ye,
2. na mo o li ye,
3. po lu je di sho bo la ye,
4. pu ti sa do po ye,
5. mo ho sa do po ye,
6. mo ho jia lu ni jia ye,
7. an,
8. sa bo la fa yi,
9. su da nu da sia,
10. na mo si ji li do yi mung o li ye,
11. po lu ji di, sho fo la ling to po,
12. na mo nu la jin cho,
13. si li mo ho po do sha me,
14. sa po wo to do shu pung,
15. wo si yun,
16. sa po sa do na mo po sa do na mo po che,
17. mo fa to do,
18. da dzo to,
19. an, o po lu si,
20. lu jia di,
21. jia lo di,
22. i si li,
23. mo ho pu ti sa do,
24. sa po sa po,
25. mo la mo la,
26. mo si mo si li to yun,
27. ji lu ju lu, jie mong,
28. du lu du lu fa she ye di,
29. mo ho fa she ye di,
30. to la to la,
31. di li ni,
32. shi fo la ye,
33. zhe la zhe la,
34. mo mo, fa mo la,
35. mu di li,
36. yi si yi si,
37. shi nu shi nu,
38. o la son, fo la so li,
39. fa sha fa son,
40. fo la she ye,
41. hu lu hu lu mo la,
42. hu lu hu lu si li,
43. so la so la,
44. si li si li,
45. su lu su lu,
46. pu ti ye, pu ti ye,
47. pu to ye, pu to ye,
48. mi di li ye,
49. nu la jin cho,
50. di li so ni nu,
51. po ye mo nu,
52. so po ho,
53. si to ye,
54. so po ho,
55. mo ho si to ye,
56. so po ho,
57. si to yu yi,
58. shi bo la ye,
59. so po ho,
60. no la jin cho,
61. so po ho,
62. mo la nu la,
63. so po ho,
64. si la son o mo chi ye,
65. so po ho,
66. so po mo ho o si to ye,
67. so po ho,
68. zhe ji la o xi to ye,
69. so po ho,
70. bo fo mo jie si to ye,
71. so po ho,
72. nu la jin cho bo che la ye,
73. so po ho,
74. mo po li song ji la ye,
75. so po ho,
76. na mo ho la ta nu do la ye ye,
77. na mo o li ye,
78. po lu ji di,
79. sho bo la ye,
80. so po ho,
81. an si den,
82. man do la,
83, ba to ye,
84. so po ho

May the Mother of Boundless Compassion and the Daughter-Saviour bless you always.

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