Greek Goddess of the Earth
or Universal Mother God?

The Greek Goddess of the Earth, Gaea, has been taken in recent decades as a symbol of the planet itself. At the same time the idea of Our Mother God as an "earth goddess" is deeply lodged in a whole range of modern "goddessist" ideologies.

The problem here is that we have to unravel not one but two layers of patriarchal confusion (or deliberate obfuscation). In the first place we have the patriarchal re-writing of thealogy, according to which there is a "sky god" and an "earth goddess".

Archaeology and written sources make this matter very clear. In the original religion of Our Mother God She was the Queen of Heaven as well as of earth. Whether worshipped by the ancient Israelites or seen on prehistoric steles, Our Mother God is as much a "sky" as an "earth" deity. That, of course is only natural, since She is the Supreme Deity, the one God of earth and Heaven.

When masculine "deities" were first invented, they naturally took on the "lesser" characteristics of earth and moon as opposed to the higher characteristics of Heaven and Sun. Throughout the world, from ancient Ireland to Japan we find Sun Goddesses and moon gods, Heaven Goddesses and earth gods.

However, this introduction of masculine images into religion was only the thin edge of the wedge. As patriarchy took over, the masculine "deities" were promoted to the Solar and Heavenly role and the feminine demoted to the lunar and earthly.

The patriarchal Greeks were among the leading exponents of this revolutionary ideology in the west, hence the currently popular image of the Greek goddess of the earth and the classical lunar feminine deities.

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