The Mother-God Hail Mary
An MP3 presenting and explaining
the Deanic Translation of the Hail Mary

How a devotee of Our Mother God may say the Hail Mary

Hail Mary MP3Hail Mary, fount of Grace

The White Roses Group is currently working on a project for a Rosary Devotion based upon the Catholic Rosary, but adapted for use by devotees of Our Mother God.

The most fundamental prayer, the Hail Mary, was translated into Déanic terms as follows

Hail Mary, fount of Grace
All Godhead is Thee
Blessed art Thou by all maidens
And blessed is Thy love's first fruit, Thy Daughter,
Holy Mary, Mother and God,
Shelter us fallen ones now and at the hour of hour death.

This translation was introduced at the Service for the Feast of the Conception of the Daughter at the White Rose Room on Saturday the 11th of Astraea 3327 (8th December 2007).

In her sermon, honoured Raya Chancandre spoke of the Conception of the Daughter and explained in full the thealogy underlying this translation of the Hail Mary: two subjects which, as you will hear, are intimately interconnected.

The following Conception Service and Hail Mary MP3 includes the Lection and canticle from the Service as well as the full sermon:

The Conception of the Daughter and the Déanic Hail Mary MP3
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See a further discussion of this translation, and an explanation of the Feminine Trinity

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