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In our main article on the Goddess Hestia we presented the historical and thealogical basis of the ancient cultus of hearth and home.

We spoke of the home as a feminine sanctuary that is a microcosm of the Sacred Cosmos with Feminine Deity as its heart and hearth.

Here, we are changing the pace to something much more practical, and yet still related to the question of the sacred hestia or household.

For many spiritually oriented women in these days, the household is a place of sacred retreat, sanctified not only by the inherent holiness of the hearth (whether an actual or symbolic fire-place), but also by the fact that it is a haven from the harshness and coarseness of the late-patriarchal world.

Making of the home a sanctuary centred upon Dea is a beautiful idea and a perfect expression of the eternal feminine principle.

Many of us, therefore wish to make the hestia as far as possible independent of the world outside: a protected space of peace and beauty in which we can live without being forced to spend large portions of our time in an alien environment.

This does not mean, for most of us, that we wish to live like enclosed Vestal Virgins (although this could be a valid path for a few); but that we wish to create our own reality within our own homes and visit the world beyond on our own terms, as and when we choose, rather than being compelled by the necessities of employment.

For some followers of Dea, this is not an issue. But for others the need to live a life independent of the day-to-day pressure of the patriarchy is a very real and pressing one.

We do not claim to have the answer for everyone, but we do wish to share with you something that a number of us have found to be no less than life-changing in its possibilities.

Making your living, in your hestia, doing the things you love

Is this possible?

We have always believed it ought to be and we have discovered a method by which it may be.

The answer we have found is very simple. It involves creating websites.

"But I don't know anything about websites," you may say.

You don't need to know anything about websites. You do need to know about your subject though.

What is your subject?

What do you love? What are you passionate about? Fairies? Martial Arts? Tea parties? Cats? Sewing? Dancing? Takarazuka? Healing? Baking? Penguins?

Whatever you love, know about and are passionate about could be turned into a website.

The method we use involves creating a site in such a way that it will be found. Most of the fifty-six million sites on the Internet are never found by more than a handful of people. Yours will be different because this method gives you all the tools and step-by-step instructions. This is followed by honest and honourable ways of monetising the traffic you generate.

Does this sound like a commercial pitch or some get-rich-quick scheme?

Believe us, it isn't. In the first place it is not a way to get rich quick. It is a way to make a steady income by hard work. Hard work, however, which you do in your own way, about a subject, or subjects, you love, and which can free you from the necessity of working outside the hestia.

In the second place we are telling you about this because we genuinely believe it to be the most effective general way to support an independent Hestia (there are of course other ways, but none of them seems to be so applicable to nearly everyone). It is already being used by many mothers who prefer to work at home. It can also be used by those who wish to work from home for spiritual and cultural reasons.

This is a religious site. We are not trying to "sell" you, and we certainly do not want to stake the honour and good faith of our spiritual mission on some commercial proposition.

We are simply responding to a difficulty that many of us have faced and that many of the people we know are concerned about. We have found a solution that has worked for some of us and we are passing it on to you.

We do believe in the creation of the independent hestia. This is one way it can be done, so we pass it on to you.

If you are interested in the creation of your independent hestia and don't yet have a plan, then:

Take a look at this video

It is a little slick and commercial, but the information it contains could be valuable to you.

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