Inanna Lalitha MP3
A Devotional Chant to God the Mother and God the Daughter

With this Inanna Lalitha MP3 we are proud to make available for the first time in Elektraspace a devotional chant in the Herthelan Rayapurhi style.
Inanna Lalitha MP3GOD THE MOTHER, GOD THE DAUGHTER: This Icon of St Mary and St Anne depicts the eternal Image of Mother and Daughter God as called upon in the Chant in this Inanna Lalitha MP3

The chant addresses both God the Mother and God the Daughter. The Daughter is called upon by the name Inanna (meaning Queen of Heaven), but as Inanna has not a living devotion in Telluria, the Mother is called upon by the name of Lalitha, which, as shown in our page on Sri Lalitha is one of the most ancient names of Our Mother and also one of the most strongly Trinitarian.

The Daughter in the Lalitha Trinity is normally called Bala or Bala Sundari. In this Chant, she is called upon as Inanna, as in the Filianic worship. Thus the Herthelan faith and Tellurian "pontification" are wedded together in a seamless whole, calling upon our dear Mother God and Our Saviour, Her Daughter according to our primary confession of faith, the Filanic Creed.

This Chant is typical of Sushuric (bhaktic or devotional-love) Chants in the nearer East of Sai Herthe. It consists solely of the Names of the Beloved as Mother and Daughter, and the word "Raya", which means "Lady" (in the sense that "Lord" is used in English) and also means "Sun", signifying Dea as the True and Only Light.

You are warmly invited to listen to this sacred Chant using the player on this page, or to load it down for use on your portable music player. It may be played as a perpetual loop if desired.

You are invited to join in the Eternal Chant to Our Dear Mother and Her most Holy daughter.

Inanna Lalitha MP3

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Permission is granted to load down this file for personal use.

May this Holy Chant bring you rich blessings and treasures of the Spirit.

Speak often prayers;
speak them in the rhythm of your steps,
attune them to the beating of your heart

Thoughts of the Mind v. 23

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