The Marianna Maria Chant MP3
A cry of love to Our Lady

The Marianna Maria (or Maryanna Marya) chant is a cry of love to Our Mother God.

In Filianic tradition it is used especially in the Hiatus between the years – the time after the Death of the Daughter and before Her Resurrection.

The tone for this chant is set by the beginning of Chapter VI of the Daughter Mythos:

1. Now from the time when the Daughter of Heaven had passed through the first gate of Hell, a barrenness had fallen on the earth; and neither bird had sung nor any flower showed its beauty forth; nor was there joy in any heart. 2. But when the Maid was slain upon the pillar of the world, an awful darkness fell on all the earth. 3. And the rivers of the earth ceased to flow, but drained away into the salt sea, and the sea ceased to move, but stood still in awful stagnancy. 4. And there was drouth in all the earth. And neither maid bore child nor ewe brought forth the lamb. And every growing thing began to wither from its roots. 5. And in the nights were neither moon nor stars, and the heat of the sun by day was terrible.

6. And the Mother of All Things wept and walked in sorrow over earth and Heaven.

The very next verse gives us the Scriptural prototype of this Chant:

7. And the children of the earth prayed to Her, weeping for the world and for Her Daughter.

For we are the children of the earth, and the Marianna Maria Chant is a ritual means of enacting this verse and calling upon Our Mother to come and save Her Daughter.

At the Hiatus, this Chant has a particularly plaintive quality (as in the MP3 recording here). It can however also be used on other occasions as a simple chant of love and devotion to Our Mother God.

Two very special characteristics of this chant have been remarked upon.

1. This is a Chant that uses very particularly the primary root-etymon "MA" which in almost all languages and cultures is a designation of our Heavenly Mother, for it belongs not to any particular derived language, but comes to us directly from "the first, the Mother-Language" from which all earthly tongues derive.

The root of MA is the sound M (which, in Roman letters, stands at the centre of the Alphabet, along with the daughter-sound N which is the root of the Daughter's name: Anna/Inanna). This Chant places, as you will hear, a very special emphasis on the M sound itself.

2. While this Chant is addressed to the Mother alone, the first of the two names used for Her incorporates the Anna of the Daughter. This is because, as we have explained elsewhere, the Daughter is always "implicit" in the Mother. Even religions which worship the Mother alone, necessarily imply Her Daughter-function.

Thus, at the Hiatus, we call upon Our Mother by a name that includes the "implicit Daughter", even as we cry to Her to save Her "explicit" Daughter who has made the ultimate sacrifice out of Her love for us.

Marianna Maria Chant MP3

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