The Meaning of Nativity
The Birth of God the Daughter

Mother and DaughterGod the Mother, God the Daughter: The Meaning of Nativity

The meaning of Nativity: Nativity is the great Midwinter High Feast of Filianic Déanists, in which they celebrate the birth of:

The Virgin Daughter,
Born of the Virgin Mother
The Filianic Creed

On first encountering this meaning of Nativity, many people assume that this is a “feminized” version of the Christmas event, but when we look at the facts, we find that this mythos goes back a long, long way before the birth of Christ. Indeed, that birth, which, historically, did not take place in winter, was simply assimilated to the far older Midwinter Festivals.

In our page on Winter Solstice celebrations we found that the celebration of this cardinal junction of the Year is found throughout the Northern hemisphere in cultures from the far east to the Americas. We noted also that it is most often associated with the birth of a Divine Child and, wherever it has not been overlaid with patriarchal re-writings, with a supreme Solar Goddess.

The Filianic celebration of Nativity is regarded by some as a direct "translation" of the Western Aristasian celebration, while other Déanists have expressed doubt as to whether a "religion" without an earthly tradition can really be legitimately celebrated.

While some Filianists have simply replied that they feel fully justified in following the Way of the Motherland, others have pointed out that they are simply celebrating the descent of Dea as the Light of the World, which is common to all tradition; the vow of Kuan Yin Bodhisattwa is often cited as a precise thealogical equivalent to the doctrine of the Daughter.

These arguments are explored in depth in the Aristasian article The Meaning of Nativity.

Today, most Déanists, however they may interpret the precise thealogy of God the Daughter, celebrate Nativity as the birth of the Light of the World.

The idea of the Three Persons of Our Mother God is universal, and the Nativity Celebration seems to be the perfect synthesis for Western devotees who wish to worship Our Mother God in a way suited to the traditions of the Western year.

May we wish all devotees of Our Mother God a happy and blessed Nativity.

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