Who Is Our Mediatrix? MP3

Who is our Mediatrix? This is the central question asked in this sermon delivered at Divine Service on the High Feast of the Death of Our Lady Redemptrix, 3327.

Honoured Raya Chancandre discusses the questions of Sacrament and Incarnation as they relate to the Filianic Community in Telluria.

Since we find ourself without priesthood or Sacraments, and since our faith never was rooted in "historical" Divine Events, it is necessary for us to turn very directly to the Universal Redemptrix Herself.

This inspiring Sermon, in MP3 format, while intended primarily to provide food for reflection and fuel for devotion during the Passion/Hiatus period, is also a wonderful resource for all who are devotees of Our Mother God and Her Daughter-Redemptrix.

Who is Our Mediatrix?

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