Saying the Rosary of the East (MP3)

Sandalwood Chanting RosarySANDALWOOD CHANTING-ROSARY A traditional Eastern 108-bead Chanting-Rosary for saying the Rosary in the traditional Eastern manner

Saying the Rosary of the East is usually more a matter of chanting than of speaking.

Indeed the Eastern Rosary, or mala beads, is often termed the Chanting-Rosary.

Rather than beads divided into sections, or decades (in the manner of the Western, or "Catholic", Rosary), we have, normally, 108 beads in a continuous sequence.

The purpose of this form of invocation is to represent the continuous prayer advocated in the Déanic sutra Thoughts of the Mind:

Speak often prayers; speak them in the rhythm of your steps, attune them to the beating of your heart.

This is an injunction not only to frequent prayer but to rhythmic prayer. Devotees of Our Mother God are bound above all things by thamë, the Golden Order of the Universe, which is not other than the Music of the Spheres – the Unheard music from which all audible harmony proceeds.

Thus music is fundamental to the Faith of Our Mother God; and saying the Rosary in its older, more Easterly, form, combines the concept of Perpetual Prayer with that of the Eternal Music of Sacred Being.

One of the most usual prayers employed for this purpose is the Heart Invocation:

Marya, O Marya, enter my heart as thy Love

A prayer which not only incorporates the fundamental MA name of Our Mother God but also calls upon Her to come into us as the love for Her – for all true Love of Dea is Her Own Love.

Here is a simple version of the Chant:

The Heart Invocation, Chanted as in Saying the Rosary of the East (MP3)

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Pearl Mala BeadsPEARL CHANTING-ROSARY – Wearing a pearl mala has a cooling effect on the mind and body. This Rosary is also recommended for use when performing japa of Devi mantras, particularly Saraswati and Bala.

Many beautiful Chanting-Rosaries are available in many traditional materials.

We recommend a pure pearl chanting rosary: pearl being associated from the most ancient times with the worship of Our Mother God.

The Rosary represents the Thread Spirit (strivatë) upon which all worlds and all beings are threaded "like pearls upon a string".

Each bead of a rosary represents a prayer (our very word "bead" comes from "bid", to tell, or say, a prayer), a flower, a world, a heart.

Pearl, associated with the Priceless Treasure of the Spirit Our Mother, belonged in classical times to Aphrodite, (Sai Sushuri), who is not only the Divine Love which we call upon in the Heart Invocation, but the Supreme Creatrix (Venus Genetrix) of all worlds and all beings.

We may also note that while the Pearl is redolent of the most ancient Marian/Maritime symbolism (the primary etymon MA means both "mother" and "sea"), and can indeed be seen as the Star of the Sea itself, the beads of a Rosary are also flowers – in the West Roses, in the East Lotuses.

The pearl brings yet another flower association, for the name Marguerite (another MA word) refers to both the pearl and the daisy – or solar day's eye. This also indicated the dual lunar/solar symbolism of the pearl – its very lunarity reflecting perfectly the Solar Light of the Mother.

Pearls are thus perfect for the worship of both Mother and Daughter.

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