The Secret of the World
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My children, whose souls are My sisters, I shall speak to you of the things that I have seen.

1. Let none say that the world is good, nor that the world is ill. 2. For I have stood at the highest point of the world and at the lowest; and from each of these can the world be seen, and from no other.

3. The cosmos is a perfect sphere, more lovely than the sun, and yet it is all riven through with khear. 4. All that is was fashioned by My Mother out of the laughter of Her heart and the cunning of Her hands, and all that is very good, more than any soul can know. 5. But khear is not. Khear is naught. Khear is the black abyss that has turned its face from My Mother and has frowned upon the laughter of Her heart.

6. This abyss of khear lies between the world and My Mother, and every soul and She. For every soul is an image of the world.

7. Let none say that the abyss of khear is not evil, for I have journeyed to the heart of the abyss. I have passed through the seven gates of death; and seven swords have passed into My heart, each cleaving more deeply than the last. I have seen the uttermost depths of khear 8. and My soul has cried out in her distress; cried out into the echoless void. Truly, there is no suffering like to this suffering, nor any pain of body or of mind.

9. And you, My children, each of you that gather round Me, each of you in her robe of purest white, each one has this khear within her, and there is not one without it anywhere.

10. For you have also turned from My Mother; each one of you, though remembrance has not potency through the tread of time, has frowned also on the laughter of Her heart.

11. And your souls, your laughing souls, all robed in purest white, that are more lovely than the sun because they are the image of My Mother, are riven through with khear.

12. And your dearest joy must ring as a silver bell that has a crack; sweetly, but never in perfection.

13. Oh, do not say that you are perfect, for then you can not understand either the world or your own selves. 14. Do not say that you are innocent, for that would be to mock My suffering.

15. For I love each of you, and I have proved My love, and shall prove it evermore.

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16. For I have conquered death and khear, and I bring to you My conquest. 17. Open your heart to Me, and I shall bring you all the fruit that I have reaped in sorrow.

18. Seek not to conquer khear alone nor cleave alone to Good, but open your heart to Me, and let Me live through you, for I shall open the way to your true soul, your laughing soul, all robed in white, more lovely than the sun; and through My death shall she be purified.

19. Turn from the evil of the world and come to Me, and I shall lead you to your heart's true home.

20. Come to Me, My children, in the innocence of your hearts, and look upon the beauty of the world; for every thing reflects the glory of Dea.

21. See the world not through the eyes of the world, but through the eyes of the Eternal.

22. Know also that the world is not so solid as it seems, but in truth it is illusion. 23. Change that within you and the world without will change. But seek to change the world, and all of essence will remain the same.

24. And this is the secret of the world that the world would hide from you: that all things lie within the souls of maids, and only High Dea is without.

25. For in order to gain the world, you must give the world away; and in order to attain your desire, you must pass beyond all desire; and in order to find yourself, you must lose yourself; and in order to have Life Eternal, you must go unto death even as I have gone unto death.

26. And this is the secret of the world that all the world will hide from you.

Note on Khear

The word khear means an abyss, but also a crack or gap. The fundamental "khear" is spoken of in the second chapter of the Mythos of the Divine Maid:

2 For a terrible abyss had opened to lie between the world and She, and Her creatures could not look upon Her brightness.

It was precisely to "bridge" this abyss that the Daughter was born.

And since the macrocosm of the Total Cosmos is reflected in the microcosm of maid, this Abyss, or khear, is found in every human heart, where it is at once that which separates us from Our Mother God and the fundamental "crack" or flaw in our souls.

This teaching focusses much on the nature of khear, and how it can be bridged, or healed, only through the Grace of the Daughter.

This is thus a fundamental statement of the Filianic Economy of Salvation.

More Scripture

You can read more Filianic scripture in The Gospel of Our Mother God, including the Creation and the Mythos of the Divine Maid.

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