Nativity Rosary Meditations
For Devotees of Our Mother God (MP3)

Rosary MeditationsRosary Meditations on Our Blessed Lady

Rosary meditations on the Fivefold Mysteries (corresponding to the five petals of the Rose and the five Elements) are an essential part of praying the Rosary.

The Rosary prayers necessary for this devotion are given here in forms suitable for devotees of Our Supreme Mother God.

Here we are happy to offer five Rosary meditations for the five decades of the Rosary. These particular contemplations relate to the Mysteries of the Nativity of the Daughter and were given for the Advent Season of 3327 (2007) by honoured Raya Chancandre after the Service for the Feast of the Conception of the Holy Daughter.

This talk was given after the service and is made available here in MP3 format. Click here to hear a part of the Service itself.

A talk on the Rosary meditations for the Five Elemental Mysteries of the Nativity of the Holy Daughter (mp3)

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